Cluckingham Palace

by john on September 29, 2014

DSCN0578Remember the Fish Tank at Motor World?
Well, it’s now the Chicken Tank!

The old fish tank got pretty dirty (hard to clean all the time) and the fish didn’t seem all that happy. So we tried throwing them a party. You know, party hats, horns, and confetti…the whole nine yards, but they just couldn’t get into the mood. In the end we found them a nice new home with a loving couple. Next, we went and purchased an egg incubator and are hatching our own baby chicks. That’s right, the
Motor World Chicken Tank.
Now that the tank has been emptied and cleaned, newspapers were spread across the bottom and covered with wood chips and other junk. We were thinking about little chicken toys for the toddlers like
a small tennis court or a baseball diamond. Ron seems to think that 9 hole chip and putt golf course may be nice, but John says that they’d have to come up with little golf club sets and that may be difficult. John has had chickens running around his yard for several years now and hatched many baby chicks before, so there should not be very many problems (heard that before).
Chickens over dogs and cats
First: A chicken will eat all the bugs in the yard. Spiders, slugs, crickets, stink bugs and whatever else crawls in your yard and affects your garden don’t stand a chance…and no pesticides needed.
Second: A chicken will fertilize your lawn, lawn chairs and deck, and provide manure to turn your garden green and blossom.
Third: A chicken will pay its way in fresh tasty organic eggs, available when you want them…sorta
Fourth: Chickens will eat your left over fruits, vegetables and table scraps. But they think KFC is a disgrace.
Fifth: If you ever get upset with you chicken, you can always eat them. But I doubt that you ever will because they make great pets and your children and grand-children will have them all named.
Bet you can’t say any of these things about your dog or cat.

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