Learn more about the various systems and components that are crucial to the smooth operation of your vehicle.

Within each system block is a description of what each major part does and hints to help you identify when it’s time for replacement.

by john on February 22, 2013

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Let’s get the BUGS out of your vehicle.

Does your car act like it has bugs in it?         Summer is just around the corner, let Motor World get the bugs out now.  At Motor World our ASE CERTIFIED TECH’s can restore that new car feel and have you driving trouble free through the summer months. At Motor World we focus on creating […]

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“Historic Prince George’s County, A Confluence of Cultures”

This book by George D. Denny Jr, Nathania A. Branch Miles, and Donna L. Schneider, published by the Prince George’s County Historical Society, traces the history of  Prince George’s County, Maryland from 1696 to present day.  You should be able to find a copy at the county library or any good book store. Be sure and check out […]

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Maryland Driver: Is Your Check Engine Light On?

If your Check Engine light is on, don’t hit the panic button, but don’t ignore it either. It’s a small rectangle hidden among the gauges clustered on the instrument panel behind the steering wheel. It flashes briefly when you turn the ignition on– along with other system checks like anti-lock brakes – to let you […]

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Marlow Heights Driver: How to Get Ready For Winter!

Part of parenting here in Maryland is dispensing driving advice.  For example, in icy weather young drivers may be told, “Take it slow.  Don’t drive any faster than the speed at which you’re willing to hit a brick wall.”  Thanks Mom.  Thanks Dad.  Driving slowly and cautiously is good advice, but the Car Care Council […]

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Thinking of Buying a New Car in Marlow Heights? Keeping Your Current Vehicle May Make More Financial Sense!

Are you a Maryland driver considering a new ride? Although you may want to get rid of your present vehicle in favor of a new car, taking better care of your current set of wheels may make much more sense in the long run- helping you achieve a goal of financial freedom.“We advise our clients […]

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